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Jan, 2023

Fundraiser Information

We will no longer be using the Discount Cards as our fundraiser program!! 

We will be switching over to a raffle ticket program that will allow for the player families to sell tickets to reduce the costs associated with being a ball player.  

We will hold a series of drawings live on our Facebook page from Mid-May thru the month of June. 

Tickets will need to be turned in by May 13, 2023 to be eligible to enter the drawings.  

What do these fundraiser programs go towards???

We operate 4 baseball fields strictly by volunteer participation.  The villages of Bremen and Pleasantville grant us the use of their fields, however, it is up to us, as a league, to maintain them.  

The funds also help with the expenses of additional equipment (catchers gear, bases, baseballs lots and lots of baseballs!!! lol) concession stand equipment, tractors, drags, bleachers, etc.... 

We are currently looking at projects to replace equipment sheds at both Bremen and Pleasantville, and looking to build a batting cage/bullpen at Bremen's Howell Park.  

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