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Jan, 2023

General League Info/Ages/Schedules/Etc

The JFBL Junior Falcon Baseball League Info

Tee Ball - Ages 4,5,6 (cannot turn 7 prior to May 1 of the playing season)

This age group is mainly focused on building a fun experience and learning the very basics of the sport.  Teams bat through the order, kids receive a few pitches, and then if needed swing off the Tee. Scores, wins and losses are not tracked in Tee Ball.   Practices are typically twice a week ( at coaches/teams discretion) and will play approx 10 games per season at ours and surrounding parks. 

Coach Pitch (8U) Ages 7,8 (cannot turn 9 prior to May 1st)

At Coach Pitch the rules are increased a bit more to include a more true baseball game experience.  Coaches will pitch to the hitters where they can strike out or get a hit.  Teams switch the field after 3 outs and score is being kept and wins/losses are tracked.  Kids start to learn more of the game and some of its finer rules, while still having a very fun and exciting atmosphere

Minors (10U) Ages 9,10 (Cannot tune 11 before May 1)

This is the typical little league experience.  Kids start doing the pitching.  Kids really start to feel the nuances of the sport at this age.  From pressure pitching and hitting situations, etc.. Games are very competitive and very exciting.  The main rules of baseball are learned at this age and kids really start to blossom into ball players.  

Majors 12U - Ages 11,12 (Cannot turn 13 before May 1) 

At this age the rules are nearly identical to that of High School Baseball.  The only real exceptions are field dimensions.  Kids start to learn the art of baserunning, signals, working counts, throwing different pitches, you name it.  This is youth baseball at its most advanced level.  The games are intense, fast, and incredibly exciting!!  

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